Whose Turn Is It?


Whose Turn Is It To Be Right Today?
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Whose Turn Is It To Be Right? Cover

Whose turn is it to be right? Is it your turn, or my turn, or his turn, or her turn? Choose possibility rather than being right. Choose opportunity rather than being right.


This concise and upbeat book is filled with practical tools, hints, suggestions and even cartoons to help you design and build a flourishing relationship. Good relationships are carefully crafted and honed by the two people involved. The relationship becomes a separate entity that is nourished and cherished.


Learn about ways to be in your relationship that you might not have known about before reading this useful book.


About The Author


Suzanne Aldis Routh is a personal development consultant who specializes in leadership and creativity. Suzanne works with individuals, couples, and organizations to help them see new ways of relating.


As an artist and a researcher, Suzanne acts as a bridge between the skills and strengths of the left and right brain. Suzanne has degrees in both the Social Sciences and Fine Arts, and is certified in Solution-Focused Therapy and Management and advanced Passion Map facilitation.